Our overall impression of backpacking in the Dodecanese islands

Nowhere is the sky as when you are among the white houses of the Dodecanese islandsArriving in Kos Airport what struck me first was the heat (compared to Denmark). When we left Denmark, we were in the midst of the wettest summer ever recorded, and we went from that to above 35 degrees Celsius and bright sunshine. Wonderful!

We arrived in the middle of the night, but still we were met by a very friendly and helpful staff at the airport where we spent the night till the first bus for Kos town left at 8 am.

The friendliness of the Greeks was everywhere we went. You may think that they would be fed up with all the tourists crowding their beautiful country, but that was certainly not the impression that we got. If we asked for information, we got it right away. If we asked for assistance, we got it, even if it meant giving us a lift somewhere to get us what we wanted.

Unfortunately we had no choice in when we were going – it had to be in thGreek economy may constitute a bomb under the Euroe middle of the high season – even for the Greeks. So we expected crowds everywhere and that it would be difficult to find a place to stay – when we wouldn’t be camping at the beaches, but no. So many places were quite empty, even restaurants and bars etc. A young Greek couple from Athens told us that due to the financial crisis 8 out of 10 Greeks stayed at home this summer. They could not afford to go anywhere.

The financial crisis wasn’t generally something that we felt, but – as Danes we are not surprised that they have a crisis. Compared to Denmark there is little control with regard to tax-paying in Greece.

Last time I was in Greece – many years ago – they had their own currency, the Drachmas, it was not such a costly experience to travel in the country. Now the prices are almost like prices in Denmark, which was a chock, although not quite unexpected.

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