Changing our plans regarding choice of island just like that

We had planned to go straight to a place where they would sell us a ticket to go to Tilos as we wanted to be part of the festival taking place just then. However, it turned out to be a No Go as we couldn’t find a ferry for Tilos till the next day. We thought that ferries would sail every day in peak season, but no. We could get as far as to Nisyros, but no further than that.

So, why go south when we could catch a ferry north? We had no intention of staying on Kos which was by far the most touristy of all the islands that we went to. Also, we had booked a really nice hotel at the end of our trip in Kos Town before leaving Greece (even though we didn’t get the apartment that we had paid for, but that’s another story that hasn’t seen an ending yet, which is why I’ll wait a while before I write about that).

In fact, there was a ferry leaving for Kalymnos, Leros and Patmos a couple of hours after we arrived in Kos Town. Perfect. A really friendly woman at one of the travel agencies gave me all the information that I needed including prices of the tickets. Well, I thought, it’s probably more expensive to buy them from her, so instead I’ll buy our tickets down at the ticket place next to where the catamaran would leave. Bad idea!

Not only was the price of the tickets exactly the same as at the travel agency; the man who soldA list of beautiful Greek islands to hop if you can find out when and where the ferry leaves them let us stand outside the ticket place to fry in the hot hot sun. He left us there for more than an hour and only began selling our tickets a short while before the catamaran actually left. I can only recommend that you buy from a travel agency inside Kos Town and to do it before you go to towards the catamaran as it is quite a long walk away from the other ferries and boats.

There are two types of ferries; the one from Blue Star Ferries is a really big one coming from Piraeus and the catamarans leaving from Kos to do a sort of round trip. The price of tickets for the big Blue Star Ferry is only about half the price of that for the catamaran, and the ferry is far more comfortable. However, it doesn’t leave as often as the catamarans, and also the time of arrival at our destination was very inconvenient in comparison with that of the catamaran.


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