Riding the ferry is part of the experience – not just a way to get to a new Dodecanese island

The ferry calls into port and the whole island is wide awake for a little whileHaving bought our tickets for the ferry to Patmos we got in line for the catamaran which arrived soon after. When you get on board, the staff asks you which island you are going to. The catamaran stops at several islands and therefore it is practical to divide the luggage into piles for each island to avoid chaos when getting off the ferry.

As coffee is sort of what you can buy on the ferry, it is a good idea to bring your own food for the ride. Make sure to buy it in Kos Town before you head out towards the catamaran as there is only a small coffee place where the catamaran leaves.

It is such a blast to sit on deck and watch when the ferry enters a port. There are people everywhere saying hello or good-bye to friends and family and there are hotel or house owners looking for potential guests to occupy a house or a room for a few days. The islands are dependent on the ferry to bring them supplies; some of the islands do not have their own water and need to have it brought from e.g. Kos.  Leaving Port - Dodecanes Islands

It is obvious that the arrival of the catamaran or ferry is the main event of the day. When it has left again the place quietens down and settles into its usual slow rhythm.

The ferry ride is a great way to see the Dodecanese islands from the outside. You really get an idea of how sparsely populated they are. In some instances there is only the one town where the ferry calls into.

On the ferry itself you can sit on deck and work on your tan – remember a good sunscreen – or sit in the shade indoor. In the case of the catamaran it was fun to stand or sit up front on the deck and almost get blown away by the wind.

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