Patmos – destination Psili Amos

At midday it is hot on Patmos and a shady bench in a nice place for a napDon’t worry about not finding accommodation when you get to Patmos. When you get off the ferry at Scala, the major town on Patmos, you are met by local owners of houses or rooms to let, camp site managers etc. They will all have a very good offer for you, but they are not too persistent if you say no thank you. Actually, they are quite helpful with information, should you require that. If you are interested in e.g. renting a house for a few days, you can probably make a good deal as the price they will mention at first will be negotiable if you stay for say 3 nights or more. However, as soon as we mentioned that we were going to Psili Ammos beach, they lost interest in us. Well, as it was 2 p.m. they said that we would need accommodation for the night as the boat for Psili Ammos did not leave till the next morning. We decided to get organized, and in order to get organized we needed to get into the shade as it was rather hot in the middle of the day, a heat that sometimes could make it difficult to think of anything else than a cold drink or one of the great ice creams of Greece. Even the locals themselves are seen to enjoy a nap in the shade.

Next to the local police station we located the Patmos tourist information with a very helpful and skilled woman inside. She was equally fluent in Italian and English and I guess Greek. However, as I only know very few words in Greek, that’ll be a guess on my part. When I mentioned Psili Ammos, she said that it was a very nice beach, but if we went there, we probably would not see anything else on Patmos. Another 10-15 minutes and we had made it to our destination Psili Amos on Patmos

We found out that a bus would leave at 4 p.m. for Grikos via Hora, the white town in the middle of Patmos. The bus ride didn’t take long – may be 20 minutes. When we got off the bus, it was still very hot, but fortunately it cooled down a bit before we started on the last bit up and down the cliffs to get down to Psili Amos beach. From Grikos we walked for about 2 hours till we reached our destination which was everything that we had hoped for. But – if money is no obstacle you can hire a taxi in Scala to take you to the cliffs and you will only have to hike the last bit up and down the cliffs. If I was to go again, I might just do that, but we saw a lot of the countryside walking and that was part of the experience.


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