Back in Scala, Patmos, and feeling a little low spirited

Scala is actually a nice little town, but having left the wonderful beach of Psili Amos earlier the same day made it all very strange and noisy for us. We were hot and tired and whereas when we got in with the catamaran, there were no one to welcome us with various offers of accommodation.

I left my family in the shade and went in search of an affordable room for the four of us. It took me a while as people will direct you to the nicer and more expensive hotels if you are a woman of my age. So, I started out at a four star hotel, but quickly realized that this was not what we were looking for. However, the guy in the reception was quite friendly and gave me a couple of names of places to stay, one that was nice but still too expensive, and another one if we were really looking for something simple.

Scala town in Patmos - motor scooters are in high demand for the narrow alleys of Scala

Having slept on the beach of Psili Ammos meant that anywhere with a bed, a fridge and a bathroom of its own was fantastic, so we picked the least expensive place, the Dolphin. We did indeed get a very basic room, but as the place was not full at all, I had no problem negotiating a lower price for the room. We paid 50 Euros for the room and I could probably have gotten the price down to 40 Euros if I had had the energy to haggle, but I was just too tired.

The room had TV, air-condition, a bathroom and – a fridge. We left the boys in the room to watch TV, and we went shopping. Scala is quite nice, but it felt dirty, noisy and crowded after our days in paradise. As we were to leave Patmos early the next morning we bought lots of water, yogurt, honey and bread. This was our standard diet when travelling. It was generally too hot to buy chocolate, but a great Greek sweet is sesame sticks coated in honey. Great stuff! Also, when we had the chance and didn’t have to carry it far, we also bought a watermelon. With two big boys we also had to think about milk which we really hadn’t had in Greece, so we bought chocolate milk as well. All our groceries went straight into the fridge when we came back to the room to get cold for next day’s trip.

The narrow alleys of Scala offer little room for gardens, but a few square metres are enough for this beautiful Frangipani

Dinner was at a restaurant nearby where we sat sort of in the middle of the street with people passing by all the time. Well, the food was okay so we didn’t mind. This was actually the only time during our weeks in Greece that we met other Danes; a couple of middle-aged women on a package tour from Denmark. They, of course, had never heard of Psili Ammos.

For dessert we went back to the place where I earlier had left the family in the shade. Just across from our bench in the shade is an ice cream shop with fantastic ice cream at about EUR 2 a piece. I am not sure whether they made the ice cream themselves, but I think so.

After a short stroll through town we went back to our hotel to catch some sleep before we would get up early the next morning to get on the ferry and leave wonderful Patmos.


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