Kos – and making the best of our stay on this very touristy Greek island

Kos will never be my favourite Greek island – well, there it is. However, we were to spend 3 days on this very touristy island – and the least friendly island we had come across. It is usually the way it is – the more touristy a place is, not just in Greece, but all over the world, the less friendly its people is. I guess it has to do with the locals getting fed up after a while, and I really can’t blame them. The behaviour of young people we saw in the streets in Kos town in a state of anything but sober was – how should I put it – not so pleasant.

Ancient Roman road near Kos town

Ancient Roman road near Kos town – it makes the past feel very real

We were deported to Kefalos on the southern part of Kos, and it was a horrible place. The beach was about 2 m wide; one restaurant lay next to the other, screaming at us to stay far away as there was absolutely none of the atmosphere that we had experienced elsewhere while backpacking in the wonderful Greek islands. And, behind all the restaurants lay the hotels, again one more dismal than the next. Our place was up somewhere in between all that. We came there late at night to sleep and we left as soon as we could get out of there in the morning.

Casa Romana ruins - unlimited access to the ruins - here a beautifully carved stone - Kos town

Casa Romana ruins – where there is unlimited access to the ruins – here a beautifully carved stone – Kos town

Well, to do so we had to rent a car for the remainder of our stay on Kos, so we did. The car rental people were actually really nice – and let us have a small car for 114 Euros for 3 days and allowed us to leave it at the airport when we left. Still, located in a place where we had no wish to be meant a lot of time on the road, going back and forth between Kos town and Kefalos.

Casa Romana ruins Kos town

Casa Romana ruins Kos town

On the outskirts of Kos town we spent a lot of time visiting the antique Roman ruins and the Casa Romana, a villa that has been heavily renovated or should I say rebuilt. It offers a fantastic glimpse into the lives of the wealthy Romans of those times. What is really amazing is the easy access you have to the ruins. There is no one to tell you where to go and not to go, you can touch everything, and in some places you actually walk on the ancient mosaics and so on. That would never do in Denmark where some attendant would ask you politely not to touch and step on the ruins J

Roman mosaics in the ruins near Kos town

Roman mosaics in the ruins near Kos town – apparently no one cares to look after them

If you are staying in Kos town the way to go to the Roman ruins is to rent a bicycle. There are special bicycle paths everywhere in and out of Kos town and it is just such a convenient way to get around. We had planned to do so. Being from Denmark as we are – the country where everybody rides bicycles from the age of 3 till we drop – almost. But, it was the only place where we saw a bicycle path system in Greece.


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