When we were planning to go island hopping in the Dodecanese islands in Greece, there was a lot of information that we couldn’t find. Information such as how does it work when you want to catch a ferry to another island, how much is a hotel room for 4 people, how do we get around, where are the free campsites etc? Answers that we would have liked to have in order to e.g. be able to plan the economics of the trip. As it was, we just had to get on a plane and see how it would go.  What we could find was lots of information on what to see and the history of the islands. That part I’ll leave to the guidebooks.

In this blog I write about our experiences backpacking with our teenage boys on a rather tight budget and what we did to make the most of it without exceeding our budget too much. I hope that our experiences can give inspiration to other travelers heading for the Dodecanese islands.

I started backpacking in Europe when I was 15 and have since backpacked in more countries than I can count. Today my children are 14 and 17 and I am ….. Not to forget my husband who is as much part of our travels as the rest of us.

I have created this blog to help other travellers to the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. When we were planning this trip, there was so much information that we were unable to find on the Internet. I mean as backpackers who didn’t have a million to spend.


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