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It didn’t take us long to wish for a cooling swim at Psili Ammos beach, but instead we had a long hike ahead of us at the hottest time of the day. We were sure that it couldn’t be that bad to walk with our backpacks to the road to Hora where we thought a bus would pass by. No such thing happened and we ended up walking for more than two hours with our backpacks all the way to Hora where we arrived at about 4 pm at the monastery. On the way there we ran out of drinking water and we were actually getting a little worried about the boys and whether they could handle the rigours we made them go through. We passed a woman who was watering her plants and asked her to soak our hats in water to cool our heads for a little while. She was very friendly and it helped for the next few minutes.

Leaving the wonderful beach of Psili Amos, Patmos, hiking over the cliffs on our way to Hora

What we could have done – and should have done, would be to call a taxi when we came down from the cliffs from Psili Amos. There is a small restaurant there where I’m sure we could have used the phone. The money for a cap would have been well spent!

We knew we were getting close to our destination when we saw the first souvenir shops and a group of tourists with a guide in front of them with a raised flag. I remember one of the very few times in my life when I have joined such a group – in Varanasi in India. The guide kept shouting that we should follow the stick! The thought of that always makes me smile and I tend to notice what kind of object the various guides use to keep their flock together.

The monastery is quite small, but very richly decorated. There is a nice little courtyard where you can relax in the shade, and the priest asked us if we would like to leave our backpacks with him while we took a look around. Another very friendly Greek!

Afterwards, we walked to the bus station where we caught the bus going back to Scala. The bus driver was the same young guy who had left us a few days before at Grikos. He asked us what we thought of Psili Ammos. I think that he had been there himself and didn’t appear surprised to hear how sorry we had been to leave the best beach we had seen for a very long time.