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If you would never contemplate booking a hotel online, you don’t have to read this post. We have done so for the last time, at least through and

Kos was a terrible experience in so many ways, so very different an experience from Patmos, Tilos, and Nissiros.

Before leaving for this trip my husband asked me to at least book a hotel for the last couple of days before leaving Greece again. My experience tells me that it is not necessary to book hotels unless you completely sure that everything is booked and you want something very special.

Anyway, I started looking on the Internet to find something suitable in Kos town where we wanted to stay. We intended to spend a great deal of time around the antique ruins which is one of the few attractions of the island of Kos, at least in our view.

In no time I found a great offer from and – a small hotel apartment in a four star hotel called Sophia Beach Aparthotel. I booked it and paid for it right away and thus put my husband’s mind at ease. Also, later on when we were roughing it in Patmos and Tilos, my youngest son had this as a carrot – an apartment next to a nice swimming pool. In that respect he is quite different from the rest of the family.

When we left our hotel in Nissiros the manager asked us whether we had booked accommodation in Kos. If not, his friend had a hotel in Kos town which he, naturally, would recommend. When we got off the ferry in Kos we were met by the usual crowd of people who wanted us to come and stay at their hotel or pension. No thank you. We had a booking….

Sophia Beach Aparthotel, Kos - it wasn't really that exciting a place except that I had promised my boys a hotel with a pool for the last few days in Greece

Sophia Beach Aparthotel, Kos – it wasn’t really that exciting a place except that I had promised my boys a hotel with a pool for the last few days in Greece

We walked for half an hour and found Sophia Beach Aparthotel. It looked like it was just what the boys needed, a hotel with a big pool, and we would be able to go where we wanted on foot, bicycle or by bus. But – when I handed the guy at the reception my hotel receipt, he just looked at me and said that he had no rooms available. Actually, he said that had made no booking with him for a room for us. He said that the booking agent was lying. He called the booking agent and told him that there was no room. The booking agent said that we would then be moved to a hotel in Kefalos at the south end of the island called Mimis. Apparently it was the last available room in Kos! He also said that the hotel manager of Sophia Beach Aparthotel was a liar and had lied repeatedly about overbooking his hotel. The agent said that the hotel in Kefalos was very nice (had he ever been there himself, I wonder?) and told the hotel manager – the guy at the reception desk – to get us a taxi to take us there. We waited 2 hours and eventually got a taxi that was ordered by someone else. The hotel manager never bothered to get us a taxi. The taxi driver told us that the taxi had been called 10 minutes earlier by someone else. We were caught in lies between the hotel manager of Sophia Beach Aparthotel and /

At 2 pm we arrived at Mimis in Kefalos. Where we had paid for a four star hotel with a big pool for our children, we now got a room in a ‘hotel’ without stars whatsoever. The room was hot and clearly for 2 people only, 2 beds, 2 chairs, 2 plates etc. To accommodate 4 people the manager of the place had put in a foldout chair and a bed-setter. Our boys were 180 cm and 192 cm (14 and 17 years)! The bathroom was so tiny that we could only close the door when standing in the shower. It was far away from everything.

My bed at Mimis, Kefalos, Kos - not  what I had expected having booked and paid for a four star hotel via from home

My bed at Mimis, Kefalos, Kos – not what I had expected having booked and paid for a four star hotel via from home

The manager of the place turned out to be very unpleasant. She came into our room with the agent from and removed the remote control for the air condition without telling us. We spent half an hour looking for it in the room till we realised that she had probably taken it. And she had taken it and she demanded an extra 5 Euros per day to let us use the air condition. This situation kept getting more ridiculous all the time.

The agent said that there was nothing he could do and that it was our problem that we would have to take to when we got home. I told him that we needed a car desperately to get away from the place as we had planned our 3-day holiday in Kos to be in Kos town without a car, but stuck out there in the middle of nowhere we were forced to rent one. More expenses and a bad hotel with an unpleasant manager!

What else can I tell you – we had at no point of time anything but cold water, the bucket for dirty toilet paper was never emptied and the smell was awful as we couldn’t open the window in the bathroom. At 11 pm she came into our room and wanted our passports. We refused to give them to her and said that my husband would go see her the next morning before we left. Then she could copy whatever she needed to copy from them.

When we got home we wasted a lot of time trying to make compensate us for our expenses, but they refused and ended up being rather impolite.

We made ourselves a solemn promise – never never never again make an online hotel booking through neither nor through